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What does a day at running camp look like?

Below is an idea of how the typical day at Bluegrass Running Camp will go. There are many activities outside of just running. We aim to provide activities for all that are both fun and educational. The schedule will alter from day to day but this is an example outline. We have different events and a different schedule each day.

7:00 AM - Wake Up

7:15 AM - Breakfast

8:00 AM - Main Run

  • Each day's run will be different.

  • We will have workout days, easy run days, long run days.

10:00 AM - "Class"

  • After the main run there will be activities such as core, hurdle mobility, strides, stretching routines, strength routines, mobility routines, form analysis, running drills, mental preparation, etc. that the campers will be taught.

11:30 AM - Lunch

​12:30 PM - Guest Speaker

  • We will have different guest speaker panels everyday that include professional runners, collegiate runners, collegiate coaches, and physical therapist.

  • Past guest speakers include: 

  • Nico Young, Katelyn Tuohy, Yared NuguseTim BayleyEric HinesJoe Franklin, Hakon DeVries, Sports Nutritionist, Sports Psychologist

2:30 PM - "Class"​​

4:00 PM - Afternoon run

6:00 PM - Dinner

7:00 PM - Evening Activity

  • Camp Olympics, spike Ball, game night, kickball, volleyball tournament, yoga class, basketball, swimming, egg toss, talent show.

  • Camp store and snack bar will be open.

10:00 PM - In dorms curfew ​

10:30 PM - Lights out

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